Robert Barakett

Montreal is the home of Robert Barakett. The second largest French speaking city in the world, Montreal has its roots in Europe, and is also characterized by a mixture of futuristic thinking melded to classic neighborhoods and a unique, multicultural heritage. As a UNESCO “World Design Capital”, and with its long tradition for design and the arts, Montreal is an inspiration for creative thinking.

Robert started his career in luxury ladies’ wear, gaining knowledge of the finest European fabric mills and premium quality garment making. The Robert Barakett men’s sportswear collection was launched in 1996, showing at the Designers’ Collective in New York. The brand is now sold in the finest men’s stores across the United States.

From inception, the Robert Barakett collection has offered premium quality styles noted for their luxurious fabrics, subtle detailing and sophisticated color hues. Over the years, Robert has developed relationships with some of the world’s best weavers and knitters, and works with them to create exclusive constructions and finishes that have become hallmarks of the collection. His passion for luxury fabrics has earned the collection a reputation for refined quality.