Ovadafut Hosiery


“Great clothing should be made to get better with age and be designed to offer a timeless aesthetic.  In addition,  it must function to enhance your way of life.  It is this philosophy that I bring forth each time I create a new garment.  For those who know me, it is of no surprise that I have come to actually meet and learn from the men who wear our collection on a daily basis.

Over a drink or through a casual chat, ideas are often conceived.  Once the idea takes form, I find myself as excited as a child on his birthday.  I work with passion and integrity to make that vision a reality.  Choosing the best craftsman and artisans, my vision eventually materializes.  I have yet to do something ordinary.  I have yet to actually comprehend “no” from anyone.  Why, I ask, can a man be put on the moon, but we cannot make a sock that stays up? Or an underwear that functions with the body? Or clothing that works to enhance my life and be beautiful?  

I do not have to just impress myself, but I have to impress the men who have come to expect the best from me.  Many of our friends have been on this journey with me since the start.  It is humbling but it also drives me to be better with each subsequent collection.  I have a reputation, as they say.

To say one is the best is absurd.  However, to say one strives to be the best is much more realistic.  I assure you that I try my best each time.  Reserved for men of discerning taste, I continuously work to find ways to make something better.  I never set out to be something for everyone; instead, I want to be everything to someone.”